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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. By entering numerical data into the spreadsheet, the user can organize data and create graphs, statistical reports, and other types of calculations. It can be used on computers with Microsoft Windows and also on Apple Mac computers.

Microsoft Excel was developed in the 1980s in response to another popular spreadsheet program called Lotus 1-2-3. Surprisingly, the first version of Excel that came out in 1985 was not released for the Windows operating system but instead for the Mac. Windows got its version in 1987. The popularity of Excel helped Microsoft become a leader in the field of PC software development.


Learn Excel By Yourself - An importance of having and mastering MS Excel skills has inspired us to create an extensive list of Excel learning resources organized by specific user needs and learning styles:

Some Basic Excel information from the University of South Dakota.

An introduction to Excel 2003 from the University of Texas at Austin.

Tips and tutorials on Excel from MrExcel.com.

A detailed tutorial of Excel with hints and tips.

An Excel 2003 Tutorial from Rutgers University.

An Excel tutorial from the National Computational Science Institute.

Lessons on Excel 2007 from the Goodwill Community Foundation.

Excel introduction and review from Sabine Parish School District.

Excel lessons from Saskatchewan Schools.

Lesson Plans

Excel tutorials from the school district of Lee’s Summit, MO.

A site with information, samples, and lesson plans on the use of spreadsheets in the classroom.

Description of a 6th grade Excel project from the T.E.A.M. Program in Education Technology at Long Island University.

Lessons that utilize Excel from the Finger Lakes Institute.

A lesson on using Excel to process information for use in presentations by Thirteen Ed Online.

A tutorial on creating a timeline with Excel 2007 by Microsoft.

Activities and lesson plans that utilize Excel by Midwestern State University.

Troubleshooting Sites

A site by Microsoft Support that offers help for Excel navigation problems.

A site to help with common setup problems with Excel.

Information and solutions for common Excel graphing errors from Eastern Illinois University.

Three tips on how to recover a damaged or corrupted Excel workbook by the HP Small and Medium Business Center.

Information and tips regarding startup errors with Excel by Pearson Software Consulting.

This site contains a categorized list of Excel problems and solutions, some common and some rare.

Free Templates

This site contains a long list of free Excel worksheets for small businesses.

This site contains free Excel templates for personal finance, income, sales, and home loans.

This site contains a free Excel invoice template.

This page contains a list of free Excel templates for businesses.

This site contains a categorized list of free Excel templates separated into areas such as marketing, IT, accounting/finance, and many others.

This page contains a list of Excel templates for classrooms, including games and teacher resources.

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