Fake Diploma and Transcripts from Australian University

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We offer three options to create a fake college diploma or fake university degree from schools in Australia .

(1) View "Available Designs" from the pull-down menu below.  Want a sample?  Click here to request sample.

If your school's not listed email us a scan of an original. We'll reply with a custom quotation price and turnaround for reproduction with text changes you wish.  Click here to send your scan.

No scan?  That's OK too.  Select one of our Available Designs but type in the name of the school you want -- we'll use another school's design but change the text to read as if it's from the school you originally want.

Transcripts:  Our fake transcripts use our custom layout designed with the actual school name.  Fake transcripts can also include original school logos and a variety of embossed stamps, signatures and holograms for the ultimate in realism.

Starting at $425
Complete Order Form and click "Add to Cart" at bottom of page.

Degree and Major. Include both the degree and the major. For example, Bachelor of Arts (degree) in Biology (major)

Reviews | Digital Copy Explaination
  • Review- See artwork before it prints. Check email (don't forget BULK folder!) in 2-4 business days. Minor changes OK.
  • Digital Version- PDF final version with logos, seals, holograms and color paper. Changes now require redesign fee.
    Final version to show off!
  • Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":
    Padded Folder + $25 No Thanks

    Transcript Section
    Fake transcripts use our "house design" custom layout with actual school name and can include school logo and watermark and embossed stamps, signatures and holograms for the ultimate in realism. Please fill out the necessary transcript fields below.

    Need Custom Classes? Transcripts normally include our set of classes to match your degree. If you want specific coursework, upgrade and we'll email you a word processing template for you to customize and email back for printing.
    Price review, shipping options and payment on following pages.
    Your Price $425.00

    Customer Reviews

    Average Rating

    Jason: Awesome... Thanks Steve! You're a gentleman and a scholar. A real one! lol This will be perfect...
    Was this review helpful?

    thans for all your help its more than helpfull, ill get that done in the next few weeks and well get that printed................................... kind regards Nemanya
    Was this review helpful?

    Hello, Audrey. Can't say enough about the service you provided. You were extremely patient with me and very polite. Phonydiploma is lucky to have you as an employee. I really want to thank you. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone who is in need of this kind of service. Thanks.
    Was this review helpful?

    Awesome job. Can be slow at times but in the end its worth it. Steve is a gentleman!
    Was this review helpful?

    Thank you and I have received it. It looks and feels great. I will order another next year and pass the information's to my friends.
    Was this review helpful?

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