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Words are more than letters that form a thought or an expression. In poetry they are the catalyst that form legendary art. Poetry can be dramatic, sad, or just down right silly. Kids in general may find poetry to be boring or difficult to understand. The following funny poems will keep kids laughing with a desire to read more and write their own legendary art.

 – Poetry that makes you giggle until the aliens land.

- Lots of fun poetry for kids to read and listen to.

- Funny poetry by Shane D. Williams.

- Poetry for kids written by kids.

- Silly poems that are bound to get your tummy grumbling.

- A T.S. Elliot poem about the furry theater cat named Gus.

-A collection of poems for kids, some might make you giggle while others may make you gag.

- This poem takes you to another land where the people are red, white and blue.

- Lots of silly poems that will tickle your funny bone.

- The Champaign Public Library’s fun page of crazy poetry.

- A silly creative poem that’s about more than food.

 – Funny poetry by artistic kids.

- Poems for little and big kids too.

- Poems and stories that make you giggle and think.

- Funny poems from your ABC’s to Billy the goat.

- Aliens aren’t scary just funny looking says Elsa the poet.

- Edward Lear takes the alphabet through a poetic sieve and came out with theNonsense Alphabet.

At the Zoo by William Thackeray.

 – Lots of poems by historical poets many with funny verses.

- An interactive poetry site for children with games and poetry.

- A poem that will have students giggling about their teachers.

- Its more than a hotel it’s The Ssssnake Hotel.

- Every kid can relate to not wanting to do class work and this poem says is all.

- Funny animal poetry.

- Poetry for teaching, from twisters to rhymes with a silly Eletelephony for third graders.

- Silly food poem with play on words that will blow you away.

- Kids write the silliest things, these funny poems are written by students.

- This poem touches the heart of all those kids who bring their lunch to school.

- An entertaining interactive site for children to read silly poetry.

- Kids can write their own silly poetry with this interactive site.

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