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Just as going to college is a different world from being in high school, a new set of skills is required to be successful in graduate school. More is required of students, and many people don't know exactly what to expect when they start. This is especially true for programs that include Ph.D's. Learning about how the processes of graduate school work will help you get the most out of your time there.

Learning How to Do Research

Many students don't get a lot of opportunities to do the level of research that is often required in graduate school before they get there. At a lot of colleges, it's easy to make it through the first four years with average research skills. This has to be stepped up a notch for grad school.

Writing Conference and Journal Papers

Being published for the first time can be very exciting, and grad school is the first opportunity that most students have to do this. It can also be nerve-wracking to have your work evaluated and criticized by other academics or in a public forum. It's best to have a specific publication or conference in mind when writing.


Proposing and writing a dissertation can be the most stressful process in graduate school. Organizational and time management skills are very important for staying on track, and they will be put to the test. The dissertation is an important part of the learning process, though, and it can even be enjoyable when students are passionate about their topics. Every school and department has different guidelines, so be sure to follow them exactly.


Presenting research is another important element of graduate school. This gives you the opportunity to share the results of your hard work with other academics. Giving a good presentation is about being prepared and being an effective speaker as well as having quality research to share.

After Graduate School and Your PhD (job resources)

Near the end of graduate school, there are some big decisions that must be made about where to go next in life. Whether to enter the work force or continue with schooling depends on the student's career aspirations as well as financial considerations. Even though a lot of hard work has been done to get to graduation, finally starting a career is daunting for many long time students. For others, it's a welcome relief.

Geared toward language majors, but helpful for almost anyone considering a career in academia

Geared toward psychology majors


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