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Article - Guide to Teaching Resources: SoSoomoStrava.info

The Internet has a wide selection of teaching materials that can be used for lessons in schools. Teachers can avail of lessons plans and classroom activities for all levels of education. Online teaching materials are specially created to give students a fun and rewarding learning experience, and they can help to improve a variety of mental skills. Here are a number of websites that provide teaching materials for k12 teachers.

  • : Lesson plans for all types of subjects.
  • : A wide collection of lesson plans created by k12 teachers.
  • : Lots of topic-specific lesson plans for k12 teachers.
  • : Lesson plans that help students understand a variety of scientific concepts.
  • : Many lesson ideas and projects for k12 classes.
  • : A collection of lesson plans that covers a wide range of k12 curriculum areas.
  • : Lesson plans for various subjects from the Utah Education Network.
  • : Tutorials and classroom activities for a wide range of k12 subjects.
  • : List of lesson plans for k12 art, culture, and geography classes.
  • : An extensive selection of lesson plans for reading and writing classes.
  • : Lesson plans that provide good training for different aspects of k12 language arts.
  • : Great lesson plans for those who are teaching k12 art.
  • : Lesson plans from the Smithsonian Institute for art, science, history, and language arts classes.
  • : Educational materials for educators from the National Archives.
  • : A collection of classroom activities for teachers who are teaching k12 science.
  • : Classroom activity ideas for k12 science and astronomy teachers.
  • : List of k12 lesson plans from the Geological Society of America.
  • : More than 25 activity ideas for k12 science, geography, and geology classes.
  • : A list of lesson plans for k12 marine education.
  • : Aeronautics lesson ideas for k12 students from NASA.
  • : A selection of technology-enhanced classroom activities for all grade levels.
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