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Article - Just for Fun: Spoof ResourcesPhony Diplomas for your enjoyment: SoSoomoStrava.info

Spoofs, parody, and satire provide a way to laugh at what is going on in the world. Many famous writers, such Mark Twain, were known for their biting satire. The Internet has sprouted a whole new group of parody and satirical writers and humorists. Politics, religion, pop culture, and news events are all fair game when it comes to satire and parody.

  • : Parody FAQ about HMO health care.

  •  Parody about solar power.

  • : Satirical news site, with articles on current events, entertainment news, and politics.

  • : Parody on news events and cultural phenomenon.

  • : Where the worthwhile worship and the unsaved are welcome.

  • : Spoofing news headlines with satire and humor.

  • : Spoofs of current news, politics, religion, and other events.

  • : Political musings and satire.

  • : Honoring those who improve the species by accidentally removing themselves from it.

  • : A Hollywood movie satire site.

  • : A site that spoofs Wikipedia.

  • : Schmoogle is a web site that parodies Google.

  • : Spoofing Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), STI stands for Search for Terrestrial Intelligence.

  • : A site full of spoofs and satire about news events.

  •  Parodies and humorous commentary on a variety of current topics.

  • : On online spoof magazine covering an array of different subjects.

  • : Parodies historical events.

  • : Satire and humor in a place called Bizarreville.

  • : Entertainment, sports, business, political, and current event spoofs.

  • : Parody site about the White House and President Obama.

  • : A sports satire web site.

  • : A parody on parenting magazines.

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