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Student Literary Resources
If you are a student interested in furthering your education through literature, below are a list of resources to help educate you. Students and teachers alike will find these websites to be not only educational but entertaining as well. Make sure to revisit these websites frequently for updates.

  • - This website recommends books for students grouped by age level. This website includes a list of resources including Reading Resources, Storytelling Resources, and Reading Lessons.
  • t - This website is an online resource to help students better understand copyright issues.
  • - This website includes literature material for both children, teens and young adults. The literature ranges from teaching resources to book lists.
  • - This website offers biographies of women who have made an impact in the literature world.
  • - This association website has a list of resources for students and teachers including websites about authors, illustrators, and important literature journals and magazines websites.
  • - This governmental website provides information on education-related literature.
  • - This governmental website has a huge collection of free language resources including materials on literature, reading, grammar, dialect, and journalism.
  • - The Library of Congress official website that gives a brief history of American Literature throughout history.

  • - This website features a database that provides bibliographic records for over 2,500 magazines, as well as indexing for prominent British publications. This is a work in progress.
  • - This university website provides not only an archive of literary works, but an overview of the most respectable and useful literary websites on the internet.
  • - This website houses an index of reviewed literary works. You can search by genre, nationality and other classifications.
Writer's Resources
  • - This University website houses an immense set of resources for students and teachers a like. From literary guidelines and standards to writing tools and tips, this website is a great resource.
  • - This website offers resources for students to help manage their online writing and editing material. Students can learn basic skills like managing bookmarks, finding free graphics, and copyright information.
  • - This organization is actually a network of more than 150 websites, each representing a school and university. The organization has an unbeatable collection of literary resources for students of all education and writing levels.
  • - This website gives advice to students interested in publishing their writing.
  • - This educational website focuses on learning resources for elementary school and middle school students. It features online interactive learning games, puzzles, and quizzes for the language arts and other areas of study. All of the learning tools are free.
  • - This organization was created by the American Society of Newspaper Editors. The website has information and resources for high school journalists that are interested in magazine and newspaper editorial jobs.
  • - This online magazine has a huge variety of literature resources including reviews, author interviews, articles, and excerpts from major books.
  • - This magazine has both literary arts and interactive media for review. It is one of the more "experimental" literary magazines.
  • - An online literary magazine that has book reviews and an articles section that includes book ideas, writers' descriptions of their desktops and children's literature of the month.
  • - A bi-monthly literary magazine that features original short fiction, poetry, essays, and book and film reviews from established authors. Much of this magazine is translated into different languages and is international.
  • - This online magazine specializes in fiction and nonfiction literary works. You must register to view this website and magazine, but it is free.

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