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Engrish refers to non-standard English that is predominantly spoken in East Asian countries. Some of the countries known for using Engrish are Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore. Engrish is regarded as poor quality English with grammatical and syntactical errors. The term “Engrish” is derived from “English” naturally, and the reason why the “r” is used to replace the “l” is because Japanese people have trouble distinguishing the sounds of the letters “l” and “r” when speaking English.

Often, Engrish turns out to be highly amusing to native English speakers, which is the primary cause of the burgeoning Engrish-oriented websites on the Internet today. A sign in a dry cleaning shop in Singapore reads “Drop your trousers here for best results;” a sign in a Japanese car rental agency advises "If passenger of foot heave into sight, tootle him with your horn. Tootle him melodiously at first, but if still he persist, tootle him with vigour.” There are numerous examples and instances whereEngrish is becoming widely used, such as “Fansubs,” which are episodes of TV shows and animes , or movies from Asian speaking countries with English subtitles added by fans. There are also numerous Engrish translations of Japanese collectible-card rulings and texts. One can even findEngrish in original manga releases and certain OCG card names. The links below provide a good sampling of Engrish on the Internet

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  • New York Times article about Engrish.

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  • : Gallery with images of Engrish usage in signs, web pages, and notes.

  • : Comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of Engrish.

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  • : The funniest Engrish signs in Korea.

  •  - Academic paper discussing foreign language use in international marketing includes a section on Engrish.

  •  – Article on how the Japanese can overcome barriers to proper English usage from the research director of Japan's Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI).

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