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Article - The List of Slang Dictionaries: SoSoomoStrava.info

Slang has become a part of our everyday lingo throughout the world. Whether it be calling someone a “computer geek” or “dweeb” or any of the other slang words available, expressions outside our normal vocabulary is prevalent.

All different slang dictionaries exist, covering a wide range of topics. We have assembled a list of some of the more popular slang dictionaries:

  • : a global dictionary of commonly used slang terms.
  • : compilation of street and popular terms used in today’s urban environment.
  • : an A to Z listing of slang and other words commonly heard.
  • : a historical glossary of American slang through the centuries.
  • : listing of abbreviations commonly used on the internet.
  • : common slang terms used in sports.
  • : a listing of over 3,800 terms used on the streets to described drugs and drug use.
  • : an A to Z listing of Australian language slang terminology.
  • : terms used by Vietnam era veterans.
  • : terminology used during the Great Depression in the 1930’s.
  •  listing of popular terms used by hip hop artists, along with other information about this genre.
  • : PDF outlining popular terminology used among African Americans.
  • : glossary of terms used by college aged students.
  • : listing of British terms used in the United Kingdom covering a variety of topics.
  • : list of English language slang which originated in the East End of London, England.
  • : listing of slang geared toward the mafia of the 1920’s.
  •  glossary of terminology associated with detective genre stories made popular in the 30’s.
  • : online dictionary of terms used in the aviation field.
  • : listing of terms used in conjunction with westerns.
  • : online collection of terms used in rap music.
  • : terms used in the energy industry.
  • : common terms used by soldiers during the Civil War.
  • : understanding the slang of various eras.

Slang has been around for as long as people have been communicating. We hope that this listing is helpful in understanding the wide range of terminology used in the world.

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