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Earning a high school diploma can make the world of difference; the process can provide confidence, opportunity and pave a path to career growth. From coast to coast there are institutions dedicated to providing a high school education, but not all of them are created equally. took the time to analyzed data from around 22,000 public high schools in order to find the Top 10 American High Schools.

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Although American is brimming with decent public high schools, there are others that provide students with an exceptional learning experience and knowledge way beyond the average high school diploma. Many of the nation's Top 10 high schools are magnet schools, public schools with specialized programs ranging from engineering to the fine arts.

Top 10 American High Schools
  • 10. : A variety of engineering degrees are cited as one of the top college degrees to have for earning potential, this magnet school is a pre-engineering academy available to those who qualify.
  • 9. Bellevue, Washington: Since 1991, this particular school has tried to teach students to think globally and connected to something bigger. Admission is granted on a lottery status to all incoming 6th graders.
  • 8. , Santa Cruz, California: A well rounded curriculum is what helps make this charter school so special. The curricula mirrors that of the Advanced Placement program and admission is based on a lottery system.
  • 7. Cypress, California: When education counts, only prep schools will do and this West Coast school is one of the best. Students must pass an entrance exam in order to attend.
  • 6. Tucson, Arizona: This particular school is a charter school and is part of a larger group of similar institutions. The school offers a more diverse education to conventional high schools in state.
  • 5. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: This particular school offers public, tuition-free school for students in Oakland County, Michigan. This gem of a public school operates with the expectation that students will earn an International Baccalaureate diploma.
  • 4. Tucson, Arizona: While an education can be earned, being gifted and talented is a natural state of being for some. This particular high school focuses on enabling students to earn a high school diploma from an accelerated program.
  • 3. Dallas, Texas: Across American there is a shortage of engineers and scientists; this school is the exception to the rule. Thanks to the heavy mathematics (algebra, calculus and statistics) and science (biology, chemistry) and technology curriculum, this school is a breeding ground for big brains.
  • 2. Alexandria, Virginia: This venue is a state-chartered magnet school providing students with the tools for future advancement, an extensive math and science based curriculum.
  • 1. Dallas, Texas: What was first created as a desegregation court order in 1982 as risen to be considered the best high school in the country thanks to its advanced placement requirements.

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